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Are you looking for delicate lingerie that makes you feel sexy and feminine but also has a minimal impact on the environment? Then you should definitely check out Maison Madame A. This sustainable lingerie brand is very conscious about their choice of materials and produces at a local workshop in Bali, where good working conditions can be assured. With her brand, founded by Julie Antunes, wants to use her voice to spread equality, body-positivity and a sustainable mindset.

Ethical working conditions

All pieces from Maison Madame A. are handmade in Bali (Indonesia) under good working conditions. The brand produces their pieces at a family owned manufacturer. Brand owner Julia is in close contact with the workshop and can assure that all practices are fair trade. On top of that, the work place is striving to become zero waste by using leftover fabrics to provide goods to the local community.

Maison Madam A. strives to create long term relationships with communities that are mutually beneficial, based on real, genuine & caring values. That is why the brand choose handmade over mass production. The brand will always work towards helping & caring for the local communities and artisans around them.


As a starting brand that produces in Bali, Maison Madama A., is still on a journey to find the most eco-friendly materials that also look sexy and feminine. The lingerie collection is already partially made from recycled polyester and the brand uses a soft & recycled OEKO-TEX certified fabric for the lining. Still, Maison Madame A. is on a mission to improve in terms of sustainability and only use recycled & organic fabrics before 2022.

Maison Madame A. also created a loungewear collection that was launched with a kickstarter campaign. With the help of this campaign, Julie wants to develop a new line of lingerie made from eco-friendly fabrics and hand crafted with natural dyes. The loungewear collection is made from vegan silk named Cupro. Cupro is a ‘regenerated cellulose’ fabric made from cotton waste and is therefore considered as a recycled fabric.

Circular economy

The lingerie from Maison Madame A. is often made from different types of materials and therefore not very easy to recycle. Nevertheless, the design of the pieces is timeless and the bras, thongs and underpants are made from high-quality materials in order for the pieces to last a long time.

The loungewear collection is made from 100% cupro (a natural fibre) and dyed with colorants derived from plants and minerals. This natural dying process is fully done by hand and is not harmful to the environment. This also means that the pieces are fully biodegradable.

In the future, Maison Madame A. also wants to make her lingerie collections with 100% natural materials and with natural dyes. We can’t wait to discover this collection!

Maison Madame A. also avoids unnecessary packaging. All tags are made from recycled paper and the brand has a 100% single use plastic free policy. So no plastic packaging is used!

Slow Fashion

Maison Madame A. aims to work with a made to order business model to avoid over ordering and waste. The brand carefully makes all their pieces by hand with a focus on quality. This way, the pieces are made to last a long time.

Short Supply Chain

Maison Madame A. produces in Bali and tries to source their materials as local as possible. This way they want to reduce their carbon footprint.


COSH! Talked to Julie, founder of Maison Madame A., and experienced she was very open and transparent about the whole production chain of her brand. Julie finds that consumers have the right to know about the process behind the garment. From the production process, the fabric she chooses, to the cost of each item. At COSH! we love this mindset and we totally agree!

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