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Conceptual fashion in beautiful Ixelles

Founder Bregje Cox graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Art in 2009 with her collection entitled 'abuse of power comes as no surprise'. Fascinated by the combination of old cultures and futuristic developments, she started her own clothing label, Noir Near Future, where she combines the historical with the futuristic.

Noir Near Future’s studio is in the streets of Ixelles which was recently named the second coolest neighbourhood in Europe by the British newspaper ‘'The Guardian’. A creative neighbourhood full of up-and-coming talent. Behind the beautiful facades of the old buildings lie equally beautiful stories and inspiring designers, such as Bregje Cox.

You can visit her studio by appointment over the weekend and find inspiration for your bespoke piece of clothing. Noir Near Future offers unique made-to-measure clothing, with a six to eight-week turnaround. Through her slow fashion brand, Bregje is offering a solution to the fast fashion industry. A beautiful conceptual alternative in fact.

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Noir Near Future
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Respetuoso con el planeta y parte de la colección es orgánica
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