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Reuse. There is no plan(et) B! With that vision, Emma Van Hoof started up her second-hand children's clothing store in 2019. With Finn&Julia, Emma combines her love for children and the planet. The perfect place for parents to start their sustainable journey!

At Finn&Julia, you can find carefully selected second-hand children's clothing. This way you do not have to compromise on quality and you extend the life of your chosen clothing item. Besides clothes for babies and children from 0 to 12 years old, you will also find second-hand toys. While you are shopping, the children can have a good time in the play corner: a fun shopping experience for everyone!

Since February 2021, Finn&Julia also offers a small selection of second-hand women's clothing. This way you can combine shopping for your children with shopping for yourself! The selection offers simple, comfortable and qualitative clothing for women.

Although reuse is the first priority at Finn&Julia, not all products can be easily reused. This store also takes this into account! Discover various ecological products: from care products to craft supplies and washable diapers, all from beautiful, sustainable brands. Ideal for the whole family!

Great tip for future parents: make your ecological birth list at Finn&Julia! That way, the gifts you receive will fit perfectly within your sustainable vision. From second-hand clothes to ecological products. You are guaranteed to put together a varied baby list!

Visit Finn&Julia in Kalmthout and discover lots of sustainable gems! Do you still have women's or children's clothes that you or your children no longer wear? Bring in your clothes by appointment and give your pieces a second life!

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