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Handmade customised candles that are good for the environment

ecocandle is a sustainable company in Bruges that makes environmentally friendly candles. These are handmade to order so you can get them customised for your events.

ecocandle prides itself on reusing previously used candles in their new candles. These old candles have to be filtered first which is a labour-intensive process but well worth it when you think about how much better it is for the planet. If you bring an old candle in yourself, you will get a discount voucher for a new candle. Other than the recycled candles, there is also a selection of soy wax candles, rapeseed wax candles and beeswax candles.

The pots and bowls used to house the new candles generally come from thrift shops or the Bruges NGO Eco Living, so every bit of an old candle gets a second life. Do you have a pot or a bowl that you would like to put a candle in? You can also do that at ecocandle.

Thanks to the personal approach adopted at ecocandle, you can get a personalised candle suited to every occasion with hand-cut letters printed onto the side. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, or business gifts.

If you enjoy making your own candles, then make sure to go to one of ecocandle’s workshops. If your little one wants to get involved, they cater to children as well. ecocandle organises “crea days”, birthday parties and summer camps for children aged 6 to 12 where they can cook, do crafts and mould candles...The perfect space for your child to get creative whilst learning how to care for the environment!

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