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Would you like a more sustainable lifestyle? Do you still find it difficult to make the right choices? De Duurzame Gids is there to help you navigate to the range of sustainable shops and entrepreneurs in your city or region.

Join De Duurzame Gids and learn all about sustainable clothing, zero waste products and making general conscious choices that are good for people and the environment during informative walks along local shops. Together with founder Marije, you’ll visit the nicest green hotspots in, for example, Hoorn, Amsterdam or your city of choice.

Book a sustainable walking tour with a group of friends for a nice afternoon of shopping, or for example as a company visit, and learn everything about sustainability! This way you’ll have a fun and informative afternoon. Want to know more when you can book a tour, or are you curious if a tour can be organized in your city? Please contact Marije via her website.

In addition to tours, De Duurzaam Gids also regularly organizes pop-ups in Hoorn, with a selection of sustainable and second-hand clothing that you can shop. Curious about the next pop-up, or read more sustainable tips? Then follow her on Instagram!

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