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Fashionable work outs

Now tell me the truth. How often does it happen that you have to go grocery shopping after your workout? Too often! But not all sportswear is equally stylish. Many sports brands make their clothes stand out. Handy for jogging, but not while shopping. There are plenty of traffic lights on the street. RectoVerso clothing, on the other hand, can be worn on all occasions. The baseline le chic et le choque emphasizes the duality of RectoVerso even more. The Belgian sports brand makes it its goal to design attractive sportswear, which you can also wear casually. Yeah, even on a date!

Made in Belgium

The garments themselves are made mainly of polyamide and elastane. Certainly not the most durable materials, we know that. What we do encourage is that the brand is 100% Belgian made. RectoVerso is the baby of the textile giant and family business Liebaert in Deinze.

As the big lingerie brands moved their production more and more to Asia, the fabrics were also bought more and more there. The youngest of the family, Camille Liebaert, took control and researched new markets for the high-quality textile products of the Belgian textile factory. She concluded that there is a great demand in the sports sector for technically advanced innovations.

In collaboration with the Ghent sports lab Jacques Rogge, Camille developed a compression legging that accelerates recovery from injuries. To test the sport technical innovations, a prototyping unit was set up in the textile factory with the best and newest sport technical stitching machines. Fascinated by the mix of creativity and sports innovation, granddaughter Liebaert came up with the idea of starting her line. Since then, Camille has led the Belgian sports brand RectoVerso. Both their designs and the fabrics are developed in the factory in Deinze. So this sports brand is unique in its genre: top European materials and Belgian craftsmanship.

High technology

RectoVerso has the Performance collection: the bioactive minerals embedded in the Emana® yarn absorb body heat for thermoregulation and help strengthen physical performance while improving the overall performance. There is also an AIR collection made from the famous Nanostitch® substances. This rich blend of LYCRA® and micro-polyamide yarns provide an ultra-light, soft and breathable feel.

Slow fashion

RectoVerso releases one collection a year and aims to position itself on the market as a luxurious slow fashion sports brand.
The new collection also matches the previous one. So combine it all! Finally, this brand gets the 100% transparency icon, as Liebaert showed COSH! everything from fiber suppliers to a visit to the company itself.

A sports brand that combines athleisure, leisure and luxury.
That's what we call original! Do you want to know where you can shop for RectoVerso? Check it out below!

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