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The German brand 'Living Crafts' has been producing ecological and timeless clothing since 1985, making it one of the pioneers of the sustainable fashion industry. Living Crafts has a wide range of organic children's clothing, organic cotton or wool t-shirts, pants, sweaters, underwear and sleepwear for men and women. In short, comfortable organic clothing for the whole family.


Living Crafts uses a range of different materials for their comfortable clothing: organic cotton, organic linen, bamboo viscose, organic virgin wool, organic wool and silk, spandex, hemp, viscose from Lenzing, modal from Lenzing,... They also experiment with innovative materials such as regenerated proteins from soy. The only non-natural material the brand uses is polyamide to reinforce its socks and underwear.

Living Crafts' organic clothing is certified as organic by GOTS. Also, all Naturland Association guidelines are observed during production, so you can be sure that no toxic dyes have been used to color your t-shirt or pants.

Living Crafts has a lot of clothing made from one material such as their 100% wool baby socks. This is an extensive range of 100% organic cotton clothing ranging from boxer shorts to nightshirts. The advantage of this is that they are easy to recycle when the garments are finished. For other clothing, a mix of materials is still used: for example, the tights consist of a combination of wool or polyamide with elasthan.

The buttons on shirts are made of coconut, corozo, mother-of-pearl or chrome and nickel-free metal, but some are also plastic. The snaps on baby clothes are made of chrome and nickel-free metal.

Short chain

Living Crafts produces the textiles in India and Croatia. All steps from the raw material to the packaged goods take place under one roof to avoid long distances. However, we wonder if the mining of the raw materials also takes place there (for the bamboo, we consider this unlikely).

Circular economy

For the zippers Living Crafts uses recycled plastic. Super! Living Crafts also contributes to a climate neutral production. Dyeing fabrics requires a certain high temperature. The residual heat released from heating is recovered in the company to generate electricity. The clothing brand also makes use of wind energy in the Tamil region of South India. Through four of its own wind turbines, the brand provides for its entire energy supply needed to produce the textiles. The clothing therefore proudly carries the label 'Made with 100% wind power'.

Working conditions

Almost all production facilities comply with the guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), as well as the social standards SA 8000 / BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). We read at COSH! 'almost all', which means that therefore not the entire production chain is GOTS certified. Nevertheless, Living Crafts is doing well!


Living Crafts gets 75% from COSH! on transparency, we wonder where exactly the soy, hemp and bamboo come from. Who are the suppliers and does the bamboo come from sustainable plantations? We are still asking for you!

Curious where you can find the comfortable clothes of Living Crafts? Have a look at the points of sales!

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