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Nature & design

Do you like to keep it simple when it comes to interior design, but do you have an eye for design? Then House Raccoon is the perfect addition to your home!
This Belgian decoration brand was founded by Anneleen and Nathan. Both got the creative microbe and they decided to stop work as a pharmacist and an IT consultant, to start up their own brand House Raccoon. Decorative pieces in soft colours and with unexpected corners.


The material from which the creations are made is Jesmonite. This is not a natural product, but it doesn't have such a big impact on the environment. It is a water-based product that does not contain any volatile organic compounds. This makes the material very environmentally friendly and also harmless during production.
To seal the products, House Raccoon works with natural beeswax. In order to comply with the legislation, the brand uses polyurethane for its cutlery.

House Raccoon does its best when it comes to water consumption. A consumption of 2 litres per product is required, which is certainly not that bad. The brand also consciously chooses not to work with disposable materials in the workshops. "So we wash every mold and that costs us more money and water, but also reduces environmental pollution in terms of waste", Anneleen of House Raccoon tells us.

House Raccoon is committed to the environment and does so by planting trees. For every piece it sells, a tree is planted in Ghana, Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. For this purpose, House Raccoon cooperates with organisations such as Trees For The Future, Bos+ and OneTreePlanted. Since the start of the label, Anneleen and Nathan have been able to plant 15,000 trees.

The products are shipped plastic-free. "Even our tape is made of paper and the shipping labels are printed on paper without coating," says Anneleen.

Social work

All creations are made by House Raccoon at the sheltered workshop Mivas in Lier. It employs people with a disability who have no place on the labour market. With House Raccoon and Mivas they still get a chance to earn their money by making decorative pieces. House Raccoon is not only sustainable and social, but also completely Handmade in Belgium. Hell yeah!

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