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You have chosen the right place if you’re looking for timeless trendy clothes. Cossac was started by Agatka Kozak who travelled the world to learn all about fashion. From her homeland Poland, she went to Barcelona to study fashion, followed by Mimar Sinan, the prestigious fashion school in Istanbul. Agatka finally headed to London next, the true capital of fashion!

Cossac clothing is timeless and can be worn throughout all four seasons because of neutral colours and designs. Each design is special and embraces the feminine silhouette, ideal to put together a cool outfit! Slow fashion at its best.


Cossac works with sustainable materials such as organic cotton (sometimes mixed with recycled polyester), Tencel, Lenzing Viscose and Lenzing Modal. Lenzing fabrics are manufactured using eco-friendly methods, for example, they opt for closed-loop productions and are committed to sustainable forestry. Cossac strives to use 100% environmentally-friendly materials. Throughout production, special attention is also paid to water consumption as well as toxic chemicals so as to reduce their impact on the environment.


In addition to being sustainable and following a slow fashion model, Cossac strives for transparency and upholds high social standards throughout their entire production chain. When you buy from them, you can be sure that everyone that worked on that piece of clothing will have done so in proper conditions and been paid fairly. Cossac wants nothing to do with fast fashion and its associated practices.

Factories and working conditions

To guarantee good working conditions, Cossac works with small family businesses in Europe. Most of their collection is produced in Portugal in GOTS-certified factories meaning good working conditions and fair wages are guaranteed. An added benefit of the production being in Europe is that their carbon footprint is lower because less transport is required.

In short

Neutral and modern clothing that radiates femininity. Environmentally-friendly materials, certified factories and good working conditions!

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