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Are you often clueless about what to wear and struggling to find your personal style? Then you might want to call in the help of a fashion stylist! Thaís Britta is an Ethical Fashion Stylist based in Antwerp. The Brazilian stylist discovered her passion for fashion and styling thanks to her Italian grandmother, who used to make clothes for the whole family.

Thaís always looks at the whole picture and will provide you with the best tools to express your personality through fashion. The goal? To create a timeless and sustainable wardrobe that will excite you every day.

Ethical fashion Stylist Thais Britta offers several services. Rediscover your current wardrobe with a ‘Personal Closet Detox’. During this closet session, you will learn to create new styles and discover the full potential of your wardrobe.

Want to renew your wardrobe? Discover stores and brands that are eco-friendly, fair and transparent during the ‘Shopping Experience’ package.

Want to learn more about your skin type and which colours suit you best. Then the ‘Beauty & Wellbeing Makeover’ is the perfect fit for you. During this session, Thaís will inspire you will several cosmetics brands that are natural, cruelty-free & vegan.

Thaís believes in connection and created a special network of professionals she works with. Together with make-up artists, hair stylists, health and wellbeing specialists she will go the extra mile to serve your needs. Are you interested to discover one of these services? Contact Thaís by clicking the link below!

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