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Do you want to learn to dye textiles with natural and ecological dyes? Then follow a workshop at Roua Atelier in Amsterdam-West! Roua is an expert in her field and likes to experiment with new dyeing techniques. During a workshop she teaches you all the steps of natural dyeing in a fun and educational way and introduces you to the process, the fibres, dyes and pigments.

The workshops are suitable for both adults and children. For example, adults can follow the 'Make your own natural dye bath' workshop, in which you learn how to make your own dye bath from a natural pigment of your choice. Working with your hands gives the mind some peace, so let's shut down your computer and learn about these amazing natural dyes!

Roua uses natural pigments such as indigo and colours with rosemary, teas, flowers and food waste such as avocado seeds and onion peels. During the shibori workshop (a Japanese dyeing technique for creating patterns) you’ll work with natural indigo - the colour pigment that is also used for jeans.

In addition to giving workshops, Roua Atelier also produces naturally dyed collections for brands. Are you interested in a workshop or having a collection produced? Please contact Roua Atelier.

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