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Clothing that is donated is deposited in containers belonging to charity organizations. The charities transport them to their own warehouse, where they sort them to sell them to more sorting companies all over the world. Here they are divided into usable clothing and material for recycling.

That's where episode's employees come in! They visit companies explaining to the staff how to seperate the ever changing vintage fashion from the useable clothes. From all continents the selected goods arrive at the episode's warehouse, where the garments are washed, repaired or upcycled to make the most of your donation. When ready they are distributed to several Episode stores in Europe for you to come and find the gorgeous item!

So as you can see Episode sells vintage clothing, but your money is going to a charity instead of to another person selling the clothes. Unlike many other stores, Episode also does not accept people coming in to offer their wardrobe for consigment as they only work with charities.

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