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The Dutch brand Yunit suits everyone! It’s unisex gender-neutral clothing thanks to well designed fits, basic colours and carefully placed details. Yunit started up in 2013 with the growing popularity of androgynous clothing. Yunit are inspired by their belief that people share more similarities than differences. The Yunisex collection was created in line with this out-of-box thinking and method which is truly necessary in our rapidly evolving world.


Yunit loves super soft organic cotton, which is sometimes unfortunately still combined with polyester in some of the sweatshirts. The 100% cotton pieces though are easily recyclable and biodegradable. Furthermore, they’re a slow fashion company so they do not engage in many of the harmful practices seen out there that create waste. If pieces are out of stock then that means they are sold out, and it’s not because of a change in season or trend… Yunit do not artificially create scarcity to increase sales but opt instead to produce small limited series to avoid excess stock. This Amsterdam-based slow fashion brand is intent on going through life as sustainably as possible.

Working conditions

Yunit carefully selects the factories involved in their supply chain. The factories are mainly located in Turkey and use GOTS-certified fabrics. This is important because it guarantees good working conditions for their workers meaning they’re paid fair wages and their children can go to school.

Yunit were very open with COSH and openly shared all of their production info for this screening. For transparency, they score a 10 out of 10 in our books!

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Gender neutral outfits in fashionable colours.

Clothing made from sustainable fabrics and in fair working conditions.

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