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Always fun

With these clothes, your child will definitely want to go outside, instead of hanging in front of the tube.

Tiny Cottons

The designs of Tiny Cottons are so fun, that life becomes instantly more colourful. This brand offers durable and high quality children's clothing with flashy colors and animal prints. Ideal for a kid that likes to be in the daylight.


Tiny Cottons promises high quality through the use of Pima cotton. This is the softest and strongest type of cotton in the world. To grow Pima cotton, the plantations do not use any pesticides either. That is why it is often seen as an organic type of cotton. This type of cotton was originally only produced in America, but is now also grown in Peru and Australia. When Tiny Cottons does not use cotton for a garment, it usually chooses recycled materials. Since the product labels do not mention any final recycled materials, COSH! suspects that the jeans and non-jersey looks are recycled remnants from other fashion companies.

COSH! insider note: we visited the Peruvian yarn and clothing factory fair. There we felt that the demand for GOTS-certified organic cotton is increasing. That's because more brands, and also consumers, are asking for GOTS-cotton instead of the equally natural PIMA-cotton. That's why some Peruvian textile factories are investigating whether they can also be GOTS-certified. We will keep you informed of the latest developments and we hope that Tiny Cottons will then make the switch.


Tiny Cottons is committed to the well-being of mankind. That's why it only produces with companies that ensure good working conditions. These are located in Portugal, which makes the factories already subject to European labour legislation. The origin of the Pima cotton is not mentioned on the site.
So perhaps a little more transparency?


Put your little ones in the best animal prints or bright colours with Tiny Cottons!

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TINYCOTTONS COSH kids clothing casual girls
TINYCOTTONS COSH kids clothing casual girl
Tiny Cottons COSH SS20 white orange top GIRL
Tiny Cottons COSH SS20 white top BOY
Tiny Cottons COSH SS20 Orange top GIRL
Tiny Cottons COSH SS20 orange romper GIRL