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Sandqvist has been producing backpacks and bags since 2004. The Swedish brand combines quality and durable materials with minimalistic designs in a typical Scandinavian style.


Sandqvist has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since 2016. This is an independent organisation that evaluates working conditions at textile and fashion manufacturers. However, during their 2021 brand performance check, the FWF indicated that there is still room for improvement at the manufacturers Sandqvist works with.

The production of the Sandqvist bags takes place in three countries; India, Vietnam, and Sweden. The materials are supplied from Korea and India. Finally, Sandqvist also cooperates with tanneries in India, Vietnam, and Taiwan.


Sandqvist backpacks and bags are made from sustainable materials. They are made of, organic cotton, recycled polyester and/or recycled nylon among other things.

The tanneries that Sandqvist works with are all certified as silver or gold by the Leather Working Group (LWG). LWG is an international organisation dedicated to improving environmental performance in the leather industry. They do this by auditing the tannery to check that it is working according to the best possible practices in the industry. They also check for the use of harmful chemicals and their possible release into the environment, as leather tanning is usually a very polluting process.


Sandqvist is unfortunately not very circular, because the bags are treated with a coating for better weather resistance. Also, a blend of materials such as polyester and cotton harms the circularity, but this is necessary for the sturdiness and quality of the backpacks and bags.

Short Chain

Because Sandqvist produces in Asia, the supply chain is unfortunately far-reaching. Therefore, the brand takes into account its transport. Sandqvist is committed to reducing CO2 emissions. Therefore, in recent years, they have made a shift from air to sea transport, which has resulted in a large reduction in CO2eq.

Animal Welfare

All leather used in Sandqvist bags is a by-product of Swedish cattle farming. Due to stricter regulations in Sweden, we can assume that the animals live in relatively good conditions, and are not killed for the leather alone.

Sandqvist also has some products with merino wool in its collection. Unfortunately, there is no information about the animal welfare of these products.

Slow Fashion

One of Sandqvist's five core values is the longevity of its products. Therefore, the brand uses only quality materials. The design of the bags is rather minimalistic, in a typical Scandinavian style. This ensures that the bags are timeless, which enhances their longevity and wearability.

On the Sandqvist website, you can find the right care method for your product, with the corresponding products to treat your bag. This way, you can ensure that your purchase will withstand the weather and wear and tear for a long time.

If your bag needs to be repaired, you can contact the brand to request a spare part, or get in touch with a professional repairer.


Sandqvist is a very transparent brand. You can find all the manufacturers and tanneries the company works with on the website. You will always find information about the company's size, location, and owners. Any certificates that the manufacturer has obtained can also be found there.

Want to know more about this Swedish brand? Discover on the map below where you can see and buy Sandqvist bags.

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