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The Belgian brand MOOV360 creates high-quality sportswear focused on women, with a small men's collections. In their collection, you can find shorts, leggings, tops, T-shirts, bras and accessories for running and cycling. MOOV360 creates practical sportswear that is light and comfortable to wear. On top of that, the brand commits to producing locally and in an eco-friendly way. Curious about their sustainability efforts? Discover them below.


The brand consciously chooses a European production. From sourcing to the assembly of the garments, everything takes place in Europe. Because of this, the whole production falls under strict European legislation and increases the chances on ethical working conditions.

Next to making ecological commitments, MOOV360 also cares for people. That’s why they also donate one per cent of their turnover to charity projects such as Run for Hope, an organisation that supports physiotherapy for children with cancer.


The main material that MOOV360 uses to produce their clothes is ECONYL. This is a regenerated nylon yarn made from recycled fishing nets and other industrial waste. This material is mostly combined with a percentage of elastane to ensure good elasticity and strength of the garments.

The garments have the Oekotex certificate. This means that there are no harmful substances in the final product. On top of that, MOOV360 packs their clothing in envelopes made from recycled paper in order to avoid waste.

Unfortunately ECONYL, like all non-natural fabrics, does release microplastics when wearing and washing it. These little microplastics eventually end up in the ocean again. Want to avoid microplastics ending up in the ocean? Use a GuppyFriend bag when washing your MOOV360 sportswear.

MOOV360 is commited to keep on researching better and natural alternatives for their collections. However ,at the moment ECONYL is the best choice for the high endurance sportswear that MOOV360 makes.

Luckily MOOV360 does make great efforts to clean the ocean. The brand is involved in cleaning the oceans and preserving marine fauna by giving 1% of its turnover to Healthy Seas.


The MOOV360 sportswear is mainly made from recycled materials that have the Global Recycling Standard. Therefore, the brand fits into the circular economy.

However, the textiles that the brand uses consist of a mix of Econyl and elastane. Because of this, the fabric is hard to recycle again into a new thread at the end-of -life cycle.

Luckily, the brand does has solutions for this.
Their scrap material gets turned into handy and one of a kind sports bags.
When you’re done wearing your MOOV360 garment, you can return it to the brand. You get a 10% discount on your next order and your end-of-life garment gets transformed into sports accessories. This way no material gets wasted!

Short supply chain

All products at MOOV360 are fully produced in Europe. The collection of the fishing nets for the production of ECONYL takes place in Slovenia. The textile production and assembly of the garments happen in Italy and the finishing touches (such as adding hand tags) take place in Belgium. The total distance between the fishing nets collected and the final product sent to Belgium is 1.750 kilometres.


The fabrics do not contain any animal products and are therefore vegan. By using Econyl the brand indirectly helps marine life by clearing up ocean waste.


The products at MOOV360 are engineered to endure intensive sporting activity throughout the years. The garments have a minimalistic design which makes them timeless.


The brand is transparent through storytelling on its website.

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