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Founder Delphine left her job to make the clothes she dreams of for her children. Encouraged by her father Emile and a friend, she threw herself into a new adventure. With success! Today, Emile et Ida produces honest clothes for children and babies in harmonious colours.


COSH! prefers organic cotton and not regular cotton, because there are no artificial chemicals used during cultivation.

The good news is that several pullovers for boys, t-shirts and polo shirts from Emile et Ida are made of organic cotton. However, it is striking that there is less organic cotton to be found in romantic girls' clothes. However, the range of organic cotton for children and babies is not large either.

The other clothes at Emile et Ida consist mainly of 100% regular cotton. COSH! likes it when a garment consists of one material because then it is easier to recycle.

However, the brand also uses a range of less sustainable materials for the kids' clothes. The trousers, for example, contain elastane in addition to regular cotton to increase comfort. The socks are also made of 13% polyamide and 1% elastane to make them more comfortable to wear and to prevent sagging. The velour sweatshirts contain besides cotton also 20% polyester. For their children's jackets, Emile et Ida uses polyester on the inside and cotton on the outside. The romantic ecru cardigans are made of 20% alpaca, 35% polyamide and 45% acrylic. The velvet trousers and girls' waistcoat are made of 100% polyester. So there are plenty of artificial materials that release microplastics when washed.


Emile et Ida is not vegan, as they use wool in their cardigans and pullovers. It is still unknown who the wool produces and whether the brand can guarantee that the animals live in good conditions.

Fortunately, Emile et Ida does use recycled materials in its beige waistcoat for boys. It consists of 30% recycled wool, 35% recycled polyamide, 30% recycled Tencel, and 5% recycled cashmere.

Working conditions

Emile et Ida has its headquarters in France and produces its romantic clothes 90% in Portugal. The brand tries to be as close to the production process as possible and considers it important that everyone receives a fair wage for their work.

The raw materials come from India. We asked the brand under what conditions and are curious!

Circular Economy

To avoid wasting waste, Emile et Ida donates their unsold items to the Red Cross and Emmaus. The brand can thus make other families happy with their romantic clothing!

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