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Create your own personal shopping route

How does it work exactly? Well, you indicate what you are looking for and within what budget. A coat? A pair of trousers? Vegan or rather fair trade? Are you looking within a certain colour palette? It's all possible with COSH! The tool then gives an overview of brands that meet your criteria.


If you click on a brand, you'll immediately find all the information about their sustainability efforts. The brands are displayed in a handy overview or on a map, where you can also add boutiques for your personal shopping trip. Have you looked at and selected all the brands that match your style and budget? Then you can get your personalized shopping route with one click (unfortunately this feature is not available at the moment). During your shopping trip, you will recognise the brands in question by the COSH! sticker in their shop windows, which you can also scan for more information about the brand and its sustainability efforts.

Soon also second-hand shops

The online platform is currently active in Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen, with a total of 24 shops and almost 100 brands connected. COSH! hopes to expand to 100 retailers in Belgium and the Netherlands, and from 2020 will also focus on second-hand shops. Do you want more information, or can't wait to test your personalized route planner? All explanations can be found on their website.

Article by Nathalie Van Laer