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Passing on culture is the best culture

Passing on children's clothes is a tradition for many families, and a good thing too, because this way the clothes get several lives instead of being thrown on the rubbish heap after three wearings. The children's clothing brand Sense Organics is of the same principle and makes clothes that are durable and at the same time very ecological.

Sense organics?

The goal of Sense Organics is to deduce from the brand name. Designing and making clothes from organic fibres. In this way, the child comes into contact with soft and healthy fabrics. This is because no hard and dangerous chemicals were used in the production of these fabrics. If you want to know why, be sure to read on.

100% natural

The material that Sense Organics uses most is GOTS-certified organic cotton. There are no animal or synthetic materials. The brand's children's clothing therefore carries the following certificates: animal cruelty free, cruelty free and vegan and GOTS. What else do you need? COSH! thinks it's fantastic.

Fair clothing

Sense Organics carries another certificate, namely that of the Fair Wear Foundation. The brand earned this by working with manufacturers who treat and reward their employees fairly. For example, the brand has its knitwear made by a GOTS-certified company in China. In order to monitor good working conditions, the brand, together with Control Union, carries out regular checks in the factories.
The only thing we miss here is the transparency about the names of the producers and suppliers.

Since all garments are made of 100% organic cotton, recycling will not be a problem. And that makes us at COSH! instantly happy.

Sense Organics makes clothes that are circular, quality and comfortable to the touch and can withstand multiple lives. If that is not a top brand!

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