1. Breaking down barriers to sustainable shopping by saving you time

Sharing knowledge & saving time

We know what sustainable fashion really is and want to share our experience and our network with you.

We like to make it easy for you to buy sustainable clothing. And we also like to give you the freedom to choose for yourself. Are you looking for vegan bags, vintage jeans, do you want a handmade scarf made of organic cotton? Or do you opt resolutely for second-hand or a piece of clothing from the circular economy? You decide.

With COSH! we offer you an overview of sustainable brands & the possibility to find shops where you can buy these brands. For example, with COSH! you will easily find a shop in Ghent that sells recycled vegan bags or a great vintage shop in Antwerp.

Finding shops in your neighbourhood that offer a sustainable range of clothing is quick & easy. That's our promise to you!

2. We like local

Local & connecting

When you buy clothes, you want to touch, smell and try them on. Because clothes show who you are.

That's why you don't go for fast fashion from a webshop, but choose to buy your clothes in a nice shop. One that gives you advice. From a true shop owner who knows what s/he is talking about. And paid correctly. A store who has a connection with the product and the materials from which the clothes are made, and who really wants to help you as a shopper.

Feel the journey of a garment when you put it on. Shop with real people. We think that's important.

Oh, and by buying from a store near you, you're not only reducing your own ecological footprint, but also the footprint of brands and garments. Online shopping has its advantages, but think of the transport costs? Sure, you can try a garment and return it 'for free'. But - as is always the case in the world - nothing is really free. The clothes that are returned often simply end up in the garbage: dirty, worn, unsellable. And we are not okay with that.

COSH! supports fair fashion that is produced with love and sold locally with professional advice.

3. We tell you facts & nuances

Storytelling vs. facts

COSH! shows you what sustainability efforts clothing brands do. Because we want to encourage every step towards more sustainable fashion. And therefor we need to provide you the right information.

Many brands want to design and make sustainable(er) clothing. But there are still some who try to greenwash their polluting processes. And to avoid that, we only include brands that take real steps and communicate truthfully about their efforts. If we have reservations about a brand statement, we will say so too!

This way, COSH! can truly help stores to offer a more sustainable range of clothing.

But more importantly COSH! is a great guide for consumers. Through our store pages, they will be able to see at a single glance which brands can be found in a shop nearby and which sustainability efforts these brands are focusing on.

4. We’ll help you find clothing in any style and any budget

Style & budget

COSH! is the very first platform that wants to help people to make a more sustainable choice of clothing within their own budget.

At COSH! Stores and brands that sell more sustainable clothing alternatives than the big fast fashion companies. For each purse and within many different clothing styles: from vintage bridal wear to swimsuits without microplastics, over vegan shoes and bags to recycled jeans and durable 3D printed sunglasses. For children and adults, nearby and a little farther from your door.

4. Circularity & end of life: we go on where others stop

Circular economy

Our colleagues Rank a Brand, Good on You and others will tell you about the certified working conditions in which and the raw materials from which a garment is made. But what happens if your clothes are worn, broken or become too small? And where do you find out which brands are already working on a circular business approach and with pre- or post-consumer material? There is little information about that.

Thanks to COSH! you can now find out which clothing brands design for reuse or can be reprocessed into a new garment. Because circular economy is super fair.

6. We are scoring clothing in detail (on brand level)

Low waste, microplastics, chemicals, ...

You know those little indie brands with a nice story behind them? Are they really sustainable? Some brands are indeed 100% transparent and have a story that fits well. Other brands are less clear. We analyse the brands on a lot of different items and present that information in a brief and visual way. Clear and easy. That's how you know exactly what's going on with a brand.

And that's important. Because if you, as a buyer, have to choose between two beautiful garments - in your style and in your budget - then COSH! can make the difference and you can choose the most durable piece. Good for the environment, good for you and good for the shop. Because if the retailer achieves more turnover on sustainable garments, he or she will also purchase more.

Simple, isn't it?

Sustainable shopping is also choosing second-hand clothing. We at COSH! are a big supporter of reduce, reuse, recycle, restore and replace. That's right. You don't always have to buy new clothes! Oftentimes you can find unique, cool pieces in trendy vintage shops. And that little hole in your sweater? Surely you can have that made...

On the COSH! platform you'll soon find a lot of shops that sell second-hand clothing.

This is how COSH! wants to support the ecosystem of sustainable fashion. Even at retailers who do not sell 100% sustainable clothing.

7. We aim for flexible & digital


COSH! is designed for clothing shoppers between 18 and 75. And also for everyone who is younger and older.

That's why we made sure that you can use COSH! on your smartphone, but also that you can easily search at home and - if you don't want to go shopping with your smartphone in your hand - print it out. We want to be able to support anyone who wants to shop sustainably - even without the need for a controversial 5G network.

Every shop that joins the COSH! network receives a window sticker with a QR code. If you scan this code, you will be able to see at a glance the correct and up-to-date information about the brands in that store. This allows you to make conscious and sustainable choices, even if you are distracted by loud bargain signs or promotions.