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Topp and Legg is a young Belgian furniture brand that allows you to use an online configurator to put together a design table as you wish. Is your family expanding or has your interior changed? With Topp and Legg, you do not step into the classic circuit of buying, using and disposing, but you choose a solid basis for growth and change.

Topp and Legg consciously make sustainable choices. For example, they use quality materials that last and are produced as locally as possible. Want to know more? Find out more about the sustainability of Topp and Legg here.

Do you want to create your own Topp and Legg? Visit their website and get started with the digital configurator or make an appointment at the showroom in Kachtem. The Topp and Legg team will gladly assist you in the creation of your personal design furniture.

Nuestras marcas

Topp and Legg
Ik Koop Belgisch
Fabricado Éticamente
Fabricado Éticamente en Europa
Silvicultura sostenible respetuosa con el planeta
Cadena de producción corta: Hecho en Europa Occidental
Moda Lenta sin Temporada
Transparencia al 100%: los proveedores y fabricantes de textiles aparecen en la lista de productos

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