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Do you want to contribute to a better environment with your purchases? Opt for second-hand and vintage items more often! At ReShare Store Arnhem you’ll find beautiful and affordable pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories. The concept of ReShare Store has 10 shops in different cities throughout the Netherlands. The fresh, modern store in Arnhem is located on the cozy Koningstraat, right in the centre. With prices from 2 euros, ReShare's second-hand collection is affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

ReShare Store is part of the Salvation Army, a non-profit organization that is committed to the most vulnerable people in society and also to a healthier environment. The organization has been collecting clothing for people who can use it best since 1885. They are now one of the largest textile collectors and collect about 20 million kilos of textiles annually, of which some of the most beautiful items go to the ReShare Stores. Other clothing is used for emergency relief, goes to other sorters and retailers they work with or, when it is no longer wearable, to partners who can recycle it.

Would you also like to contribute to the 're-sharing' of clothing? Then visit the ReShare Store in Arnhem. In this way you’ll find affordable pre-loved clothing, you support a social organization and you contribute to a better environment!

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