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Discover the beautiful collection earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings made from ethical lab- grown diamonds and 18k recycled gold. The designs are elegant and timeless and capture the warmth of gold and the brilliance of diamonds. Find out more about the brand here.

Looking for a personalised piece of jewelry? At N-ue you can also customise your dream engagement or wedding ring. Make an appointment in their atelier in Antwerp or book an online info session for more information.

Investing in high-quality, ethical jewelry that will last a lifetime is definitely a smart decision. At N-ue you buy luxury with no compromise.

Nuestras marcas

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Ik Koop Belgisch
Fabricado Éticamente
Respetuoso con el Planeta: Materiales naturales que utilizan menos recursos hídricos
Respetuoso con el planeta No productos químicos nocivos que se filtren
Materiales Circulares Reciclados
Materiales Circulares Fáciles de Reciclar
Cero Residuos a Medida
Moda Lenta sin Temporada
Transparencia 25%
Hecho a mano en Bélgica
Diamantes Justos o de Laboratorio

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