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It all began in 2016, when a newcomer-lead initiative up-cycled 6,000 discarded life-vests into Re-Vest Life Ribbons, and took to the streets of Amsterdam on King's Day to spark conversation about the migrant crisis.

The movement has since grown into a globally recognised network of creative locals and newcomers, designing and co-creating a diversity of sustainable products. Production is lead by Makers Unite’s in-house tailor team of newcomers with refugee backgrounds.

Today, the international core team and growing network of creative newcomers work side-by-side to co-create meaningful product collections with international brands who recognise Makers Unite’s unique approach in using creativity as a means of empowerment.

Makers Unite shares a space with Denim City in De Hallen in Amsterdam. Here you can have a peek in their atelier and find their products and collections in the Denim city shop.

Pictures: Barbara Kieboom

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