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Bobbi Ray in Deurne, near Antwerp, is the ideal place for those looking for hip, circular children's clothes. Besides the brand The Simple Folks, you will also find the Belgian HAA! and a repair and upcycling service. Do you have children's clothes that no longer fit your son or daughter? Then you can also bring them to Bobbi Ray through a buy back system. They sell the clothes for you in their shop.

The idea for Bobbi Ray started when founder Anke was looking for information about fashion and ecology. She read the harrowing stories and decided she wanted to contribute something positive to the fashion industry. When buying clothes for her own children,

Anke came across several problems. Her little kids quickly got the clothes dirty, which resulted in daily washing and tearing them. Anke was in need of beautiful, qualitative children's clothes that were comfortable and soft and above all sustainable! That is why she started the search for a unique children's clothing collection with kids brands that meet all the sustainability requirements.

Bobbi Ray soon became known in the neighbourhood and more and more requests came in. Gradually, the repair garage and the cooperation with her sister Hilke from HAA! sewing atelier were added. Because of this, Bobbi Ray now also offers recycled or repaired clothing and upcycling pieces.

You can make an appointment 7 days a week at Bobbi Ray to take a look at the collection. In addition, the shop is open every first Saturday of the month from 11 am to 5 pm. Bobbi Ray also has a webshop where they focus on local shopping. The orders are delivered with a cargo bike in the region around Deurne.

Just as enthusiastic to dress your little paddlers in a circular way?

Nuestras marcas

Kioko Kids
Ik Koop Belgisch
Fabricado Éticamente
Fabricado Éticamente en América del Sur
Hecho a Mano o Éticamente por Artesanos
Respetuoso con el planeta y 100% Orgánico
Respetuoso con el Planeta, sin microplásticos
Respetuoso con el planeta No productos químicos nocivos que se filtren
Jeans Reciclados Circulares Postconsumo
Materiales Circulares Reciclados
Materiales Circulares Fáciles de Reciclar
Embalaje cero residuos
Moda Lenta sin Temporada
Transparencia 50%: a través de la narración
Group Created with Sketch.
Fabricado Éticamente en Europa
Hecho a Mano o Éticamente por Artesanos
Prendas recicladas circulares postconsumo
Jeans Reciclados Circulares Postconsumo
Textiles Circulares de Preconsumo Reciclados
Cadena de producción corta: Hecho en el Benelux
Servicio de Reparación Cero Residuos
Transparencia al 100%: los proveedores y fabricantes de textiles aparecen en la lista de productos
Hecho a mano en Bélgica
2nd hand Kids
Prendas recicladas circulares postconsumo

Horarios de apertura

LunesBy appointment
MartesBy appointment
MiércolesBy appointment
JuevesBy appointment
ViernesBy appointment
Sábadofirst Saturday of the month 11:00 - 17:00
DomingoBy appointment
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Kioko Kids COSH organic kidswear
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Kioko Kids COSH colourful kidsbrand from Belgium
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Kioko Kids COSH organic cotton kids dress
Kioko COSH sustainable organic kidsbrand
Kioko Kids COSH brand from Belgium
Nanne Take off
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