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Wearable Stories is a Belgian brand that creates elegant, feminine collections. The brand focuses on confident and courageous women who want to inspire others with their own wearable story.


Wearable Stories use a mix of natural and artificial materials.

The shirts, dresses and some trousers consist of 100% viscose. Viscose is made of vegetable materials, namely bamboo or wood pulp, but unfortunately it also needs chemicals during production. This is the only way to make the bamboo fibres soft enough to be processed into yarns and textiles. Looking for a more sustainable alternative? Choose Tencel. This material can also be found repeatedly in the Wearable Stories collections.

There are also many synthetic materials (polyester, spandex, rayon, elastane) in the collections. In the AW20 collection, about 20% of the trousers, 30% of the shirts and 10% of the dresses are made of a man-made fabric. These are made from petroleum and leave microplastics behind when washed. We are therefore happy to read that Wearable Stories wants to reduce its share of synthetic materials in the future.

Would you like to buy a piece of Wearable Stories? Choose the Tencel pieces, you have plenty of choice of different trousers, T-shirts and cheerful dresses in this sustainable material.


Wearable Stories uses Mohair, a wool made from Angora goats, for its wool jumpers in the 2020 winter collection. Despite many advantages, it is not the most animal-friendly product. The many scandals make it painfully clear in what poor conditions the animals are kept. The brand is not clear about the working conditions in which the animals have lived.

Working conditions

Wearable stories want to make a product as fair as possible and therefore cooperates with different manufacturers in Portugal, Poland, Romania, Italy and Macedonia. The brand strives for long-term collaborations with their manufacturers. They visit each factory to make sure that good working conditions and fair wages can be guaranteed. We are curious as to the exact ways they check and guarantee this.

Business model

The brand grants high discounts throughout the season and does not contribute to the philosophy of abolishing sales and the transition to a truly slow fashion industry as opposed to the beautiful timeless collections.

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