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At Very Cherry you will find perfect basics, and not basic in the sense of boring, but basic items that you can endlessly combine! They put women first, with cheerful vintage-inspired women's fashion.

Caroline Poiesz, designer and owner of Very Cherry, designs the collection with pride from her studio in Rotterdam. It started 15 years ago as a ladies' boutique and grew into a label with more than 130 designs in the collection!


Very Cherry finds the circumstances in which the collection is made very important, the brand is therefore 100% fair trade! They work together with manufacturers in Poland, so the production remains entirely within Europe. The advantage of this is that the manufacturer must comply with the labour regulations and laws set by the European Union. In short, the clothing is designed and made under ethical working conditions.


In the Very Cherry collection, you can find different sustainable materials such as linen or Ecovero viscose. This type of viscose is FSC-certified, so we know that the wood pulp comes from sustainable forestry.

Very cherry also makes sure that all fabric suppliers they work with have the GOTS and Oeko-Tex certificate. This is a guarantee that the cotton is organic and that there are no harmful chemicals in the clothing, this certificate also checks the working conditions. Do you want to know more about the different certificates for cotton and what they mean exactly? Then click here.


Very Cherry uses sustainable materials in part of their collection, such as Ecovero viscose, organic cotton, and linen. The garments that consist entirely of natural materials (linen, cotton, or viscose) are also biodegradable when discarded.

Unfortunately, there are also garments in the collection that consist of a blend of different materials. These make the garments more difficult to recycle. Because when different fibres are used in one garment, it is difficult to separate them afterwards, which is detrimental to circularity.

Short Chain

The clothing of Very Cherry is entirely made in Europe and therefore has a short supply chain. The design phase takes place in Rotterdam, after which the collection is produced in Poland. This limits both the number of intermediaries and the distances covered.

Animal Welfare

In a small part of the collection, animal materials are used, for example in a wool coat. Unfortunately, there is no information available about the origin of these materials. Due to the lack of information, no assessment can be made of the animal welfare surrounding these products.

Slow Fashion

Very Cherry makes clothes that stay beautiful for a long time. They focus on high-quality fabrics to ensure that your product lasts a long time. This is also taken into account in the design, by designing timeless fashion. Very Cherry does not follow changing trends or fashion seasons, so you can enjoy your purchase for longer.

Very Cherry’s style is modern with a retro twist. Especially with their focus on making women feel positive and comfortable being central. On top of that, they also have colourful floral prints and wide flared skirts. In short, fashion to get happy!


Very Cherry is already transparent about the country of production, but not yet about the manufacturers themselves. We at COSH hope that Very Cherry will release more information about the origin of the materials in the future.

Very Cherry offers comfortable, fair trade, retro clothing for women. Look below to find out where you can find this modern brand with a vintage twist near you!

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