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Vanhulley: from shirt to underwear

Don't throw your worn-out shirts in the trash, but rather give them to Van Hulley. They make beautiful, comfortable boxer shorts for women, men and children.

Who or what is Vanhulley?

This Dutch brand was founded in 2012 by Jolijn Creutzberg and is based in a studio in Groningen. Processing old textiles into boxer shorts is Vanhulley's daily mission. This brand gives you the opportunity to send your old shirts to be transformed into comfortable and quality shorts for him, her or the little ones. Don't have any old shirts lying around? No problem, because Vanhulley also has its own textile waste that screams for a second chance.

Circular fashion for the planet

Vanhulley works according to the principles of recycling, upcycling and Zero Waste. In other words, the whole circle round. Of course, that doesn't mean that they are completely sustainable. Because sometimes the textile waste contains blends of vegetable fibres with fibres that aren't biodegradable. So after years of boxer shorts fun, be sure to recycle your Vanhulley shorts at your local recycling hubs. But all together they are doing their best to make the world a better place.

Vanhulley supports women

The studio in Groningen is a place where women without a diploma have the opportunity to gain experience. In addition, they also receive a year-long training in adult education. After this, they already have more chance of finding a job than before. Vanhulley wants to encourage the women to enter the wide world with their heads held high.


Do you have shirts in excess and are you in need of a new pair of pyjama pants? Vanhulley to the rescue!


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