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The green road

The priority of comfort and quality is something that a very large proportion of consumers live by. And they are right, because what are you with a T-shirt that is tightening in the wrong places or a sweater that aggravates the sweating? Unfortunately, this is the case with many fast fashion brands and still, many consumers are caught by the low prices. At Up-rise they have also had enough of this polluting industry. Therefore, the brand chose to work with a very environmentally friendly material: hemp. Peter and Nynke founded the brand in 2010 with the aim of designing and manufacturing clothing that is comfortable to wear, of high quality and good for the environment. Today, Up-rise is the brand for hemp clothing.

Ecological materials & Fair fashion

Hemp is considered one of the most durable materials available in the fashion industry.
This plant already contains a strong fibre by nature and no or very few pesticides are used in its production. Besides the use of hemp, there is also organic cotton in the collections. We do not know whether it is certified.

For production, the brand cooperates with factories that are part of the Fair Wear Foundation. We do not know who these producers are and where they are located. COSH! would have liked to have had more transparency about this.

Does comfort, quality, and the environment come first for you too? Then you will definitely want this clothing brand in your closet.

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