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A step in the right direction with Tropas Shoes.

With Tropas, the slow fashion world lies literally and figuratively at your feet. Trendy sneakers and heels made of recycled jeans. Tropas wants to make the world a better place, what about you?


Tropas is a Belgian shoe brand designed by Caro Peirs. It was founded through crowdfunding in 2018 and has been available online and in selected stores since spring 2019. The name is derived from the Spanish word for 'troops'. With this, the brand refers to their struggle for a better world, where people and the environment always come first.

Ecofriendly shoes at their best

Tropas helps the environment by using old jeans and environmentally friendly fabrics. Each material from which the shoes are made has already had a different life. All jeans are collected and processed by hand in Belgium. They are then transported to a family business in Spain, where they transform the fabrics into beautiful shoes.

Each shoe is made to be easily disassembled. Are your Tropas shoes worn out? Then feel free to bring them back in. Tropas uses the wood to make designer furniture, the rubber gets a second life in the sole of a new pair of shoes, the textile is shredded and used as insulation material. If that's not circular, I don’t know what is.

Tropas loves you

All production takes place in Spain, where the workers enjoy fair wages and decent working conditions. Because Tropas wants to pay its employees fairly, the shoes get the right price. Not cheap, but also not very expensive.


Environmentally friendly footgear a real rock star image. Who doesn’t want that?

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