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Need a new color for your walls? TONE is a paint brand founded by Lander and Thomas that makes water-based paint in 38 colours. The brand strives for durable products of high quality. The paint has a high covering power, is colourfast, washable and suitable for various surfaces. So you can work on walls, ceilings, plaster, concrete, wallpaper and old paint layers.

According to TONE, their mission is to make decorating and painting your home as easy and fun a task as possible. They don't want to have a negative impact on our environment, and consider the environment in every choice they make. The development of TONE paints is based on 70 years of experience in the paint industry and the quality of the paints and their tools is carefully controlled.


All TONE paints are developed in Belgium and the production is 100% local. That's good because it means the employees work in safe conditions and receive a fair wage. The working conditions and the use of chemical substances for the paint are in fact subject to Belgian and European regulations.

Also, from the raw material to the final product in European shops, the products only travel a short distance because they are made in Belgium.


TONE uses high-quality raw materials and pigments so that the paint has good covering power and a long life (without discolouring). The paint is water-based acrylic paint and has a low VOC content, namely a maximum of 30gr/L VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds, which cause harmful emissions). TONE paint is also odourless and safe for your home and yourself.

The acrylic formula gives the paint a high covering power and you need less paint for a beautiful result.

Circular Economy

The paint brand wants to keep its environmental impact as low as possible, so they are urging customers to separate paint products from household waste and not to dispose of them down the drain or sewer. Instead, they encourage you to take old cans to a container park so they can be processed safely.

TONE's packaging is made of recyclable materials.

Slow Fashion

At TONE, you're sure to find a colour to suit your home. The color collection consists of 38 unique and contemporary colors with both neutral / earth tones and striking shades. With wall paint there is always a chance that you will get bored with the colour, but as long as it suits your interior and style, you can enjoy it for a long time, at COSH! We love a 'slow interior'!


The paint brand does not give any information about the factories they work with, but does describe how the paint is produced locally in Belgium and is in the hands of professionals. That is why we award TONE the 50% transparency icon.

Do you want to give your interior a new colour? Then take a look at the durable paint from TONE. You can see where you can view and buy the paint colours in your neighbourhood on the map below from COSH!

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