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Lady in blue

Anyone who says that suits are for men only has lived under a stone for the last half century. Sorry not sorry! What Yves Saint Laurent did in 1966 inspired many then and it still does. Karen Rauschenbach, for example, founded The Blue Suit in 2018, thus bringing a new generation of women into the suit. But this time completely in denim!

Sustainable costumes

To produce the collections, The Blue Suit uses only natural and recycled materials. The lining is made of organic cotton and comes from Adzienda Foderami Dragoni in Italy. The denim is also organic and comes from Berto in Italy and Bossa and Orta in Turkey. For the hangtags and buttons the brand uses recycled materials. To keep water consumption as low as possible during denim production, The Blue Suit sprays their jeans. In that way, the brand uses ¼ less water than in normal washing techniques. The water used is filtered and reused.

The Blue Suit is not only about the woman in, but also the woman behind the suit. The brand attaches great importance to fair wages and good working conditions. The production takes place in cooperation with a small family business in the La Marche region, Italy. The jackets go one by one through an extra check by a professional tailor. In this way, The Blue Suit wants to guarantee the quality and longevity of their pieces.

The brand is also very slow fashion, because when is a denim suit not on trend?

The production takes place entirely in Europe. Do you really want to be sure where your garment comes from? No problem, because The Blue Suit is transparent about the production location of each piece. You can find it on the site.


Do you miss that perfect outfit for the office? Or are you a real boss lady and do you want to make a real impression? Take a look at The Blue Suit and give power to women!

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The Blue suit COSH suit standing 5 Karen Rauschenbach
The Blue suit COSH whole suit sitting in chair 1 Karen Rauschenbach
The Blue suit COSH whole suit sitting on chair 6 Karen Rauschenbach
The Blue suit COSH dress standing 2 Karen Rauschenbach
The Blue suit COSH ELLEN jacket sitting in chair 3 Karen Rauschenbach
The Blue suit COSH LISA jacket and EVE pants standing 7 Karen Rauschenbach