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If you received this gift card, you can spend it on truly sustainable clothing! Lucky you!

You can redeem it at both online, and offline fashion rental initiatives and experiences such as workshops. In physical stores you can hand over the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card at the cash register. Read more about how to redeem your SFGC in a webshop here.

About the SFGC

Dutch entrepreneur, Nanette Hogevorst founded the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card in 2020 with the goal of making sustainable fashion more visible and accessible. With the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card, she hopes to give consumers the push they need to make that long-planned sustainable clothing choice. And so the person giving the gift card can inspire the recipient to buy sustainably!

Nanette conducts introductory interviews with the stores and brands before they are allowed to accept the gift card. In addition, they have to fill out a questionnaire about their sustainability approach. Thus, she selects the participating stores based on six sustainability categories.

Where do I buy or redeem the SFGC?

There is a digital gift card and a physical gift card. The physical one is recyclable and is made of certified cardboard printed with bio ink and has sustainable packaging.

On the map below, you can see the stores that are also affiliated with COSH! where you can redeem the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card. Choose a unique store or experience!

Please note: Gift cards are not sold here.

¿Donde comprar Sustainable Fashion Gift Card Nederland?