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Circular fashion concepts by Studio Ama

Researching new ways of producing fashion.

Driven by a desire for sustainability and experiences in which Soraya discovered that as a designer she had different values than her employers, designer Soraya Wancour researches how clothing production can be done differently:

Studio AMA is a breeding ground for an alternative business model within the fashion industry. Designer Soraya researches all supply chain elements of the standard manufacturing process and re-evaluates each part to see how it can be done in a more sustainable and ethical way.

Unlike seasonal fashion collections, Studio Ama produces 'chapters'. The slow fashion § .chapter clothing series are a product of this lab where all steps are taken to bring responsibly produced garments to you.

Social entrepreneurship

Circular by design' is the starting point from which responsible design is created. Garments and accessories are made from textile waste streams from the local textile industry. Famous names in the Belgian textile production supply -otherwise lost- fabric remnants to Studio Ama. Soraya designs according to the available materials and searches for suitable otherwise wasted textile material in the surroundings of Ghent. Studio Ama offers local employment to people who would otherwise find it difficult to access the labour market. Together with the Social Enterprise factory’s workshop manager, the workshop manager develops samples fit for the skills of the available personnel.

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Studio Ama COSH upcycled shirt into skirt with AMA logo
Studio Ama COSH upcycled denim dress
Studio Ama COSH top SIERRA linnen en rok OSCAR hemden
Studio Ama COSH t shirt HOTEL linnen
Studio Ama COSH shorts and tee on blue sky
Studio Ama COSH salmon top and blue linnen trousers
Studio Ama COSH pink top and blue denim skirt in pose
Studio Ama COSH man in towel shorts and jumper
Studio Ama COSH girl in shorts and shirt
Studio Ama COSH close up of shorts with AMA logo
Studio Ama COSH close up of back of linnen shirt and AMA logo