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Are you looking for a zero-waste, vegan shampoo and conditioner bar with a minimum of ingredients that delivers maximum results? Then SAVONKE is worth a look! The brand produces at a local workshop located in Antwerp and uses natural ingredients for their products.

Ethics and short supply chain

SAVONKE products are handmade in De Groene Stadshut in Antwerp by the owners Maya and Pablo. This way you can be sure that your product is made in an ethically responsible way. Fun fact: De Groene Stadshut is not only a shampoo studio, you can also participate in fun eco DIY workshops!

Because SAVONKE products are made close to home, the brand saves on transport, and CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum. An excellent example of a short-chain! Moreover, with your purchase, you support local entrepreneurs.


AVONKE shampoos and conditioners are suitable for all hair types and are made exclusively from vegan and biodegradable ingredients. The bars contain no preservatives, silicones, parabens or artificial colours. No junk, just natural ingredients that will make your hair shine! The products are available in a variety of scents, including jasmine, lavender, vanilla, citrus, and also unscented if you prefer to keep it neutral.

The main ingredient in the shampoo bar is green clay. It is rich in minerals that provide a deep cleansing sensation. The conditioner contains coconut oil, a magical ingredient that provides plenty of moisture and leaves your hair soft and shiny.

The cardboard packaging of SAVONKE products is made entirely from agricultural waste and is therefore fully compostable

Animal welfare

Savonke products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients.

Are you still looking for a shampoo bar for your four-legged friend? SAVONKE also has a dog shampoo bar on offer! It is suitable for both small and large dogs and is also made from biodegradable products. The shampoo contains white clay, which has a cleansing effect while being gentle on the skin. In addition, the shampoo contains a small amount of lavender essential oil, which provides a light, non-dominant scent.

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