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A blast from the past

Does your child sometimes wonder how Grandma and Grandpa were dressed at the same age? With PiuPiuChick you don't have to show them black and white pictures anymore, but you can dress them in the same way. With a little more chic, more colour, a bit more pizzazz and a modern touch.


The Portuguese brand has been making trendy retro clothing for children since 2012. For the brand, the feeling that a child experiences while playing is of utmost importance. PiuPiuChick wants to reinforce that feeling with the playful clothing from its collections. The brand designs fun dungarees, checkered shirts, ribbed trousers and knitted shorts for boys, girls and babies alike.


PiuPiuChick also wants the children's future to remain bright and is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment. For example, the brand is already well on the way to using organic cotton in jersey fabrics, such as sweaters and T-shirts. In the summer collections, the brand also uses organic cotton in its knitwear. PiuPiuChick would like to switch to the use of recycled cotton and other natural materials in the future. Besides, Portugal, where the brand produces the clothing, is very strict when it comes to environmentally friendly production. Companies and factories must, therefore, comply with strict rules, which of course results in fair and ecological production.


PiuPiuChick also remains super local and close to home! That's why the brand designs and produces its clothing in Portugal. The fabrics are made by the Vilarinho factory. The brand makes the garments in their own small factory with 8 employees. Because everything is as local as possible, the relationships with the employees remain well maintained and each employee is part of the PiuPiuChick family.

Children's clothing that makes children instantly happy and reminds grandparents of those good old days.

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