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Looking for the perfect yoga mat? At Pierre Sports, you can find beautiful and eco-friendly yoga accessories. Founder, Pieter Vandewiele launched this sustainable brand with the aim of making sports and exercise more environmentally friendly and fun, while supporting the local economy.

Portugal is Pieter's second home because his parents live there. When he happened to visit a cork workshop, he started brainstorming and that's how the idea for Pierre Sports was born in 2020! The name "Pierre" comes from the first name of the inventor of the champagne cork and also the famous champagne master of the 17th century, Dom Pierre Pérignon.

You will find yoga mats, meditation cushions, bags as well as yoga blocks made of cork and merino wool. For the environmentally-conscious yoga enthusiast, Pierre Sports is a great combination!


The accessories are made of cork, a material that is not harmful to the planet and of high quality. Thanks to cork, the ecosystem remains intact. Indeed, it is extracted every 9-10 years and the tree can regenerate itself. A single tree can produce 15 to 20 harvests over 250 years! The cork is harvested in the European Union (Portugal, Belgium) under working conditions subject to European legislation. The wool comes from Bulgaria and is processed locally under ethical conditions. The covers are also made in Portugal. Pierre Sports is constantly looking for sustainable alternatives that will offer cork superior comfort and durability.


At Pierre Sports, the yoga mats, meditation cushions, yoga bags and yoga blocks are made of cork. For yoga mats, cork is the ideal material. It is light, durable, waterproof, soft and reusable. The round cork cushions are made of 100% cork. They allow a natural and pleasant meditation. The cushions are filled in Belgium with pieces of cork from recycled wine & champagne corks and made by the Belgian social organisation Recycork!

Some rugs and eye pillows are made from European merino wool. The wool is sourced from Bulgaria and processed locally to limit travel and support the local economy. The EAGLE cork yoga mat and thick wool yoga mat are perfect for all types of yoga, whether it's hot yoga, ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha yoga, yin yoga, ashtanga or bikram.

The brand also uses recycled materials from old wetsuits. The Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPM) under the mats is made in Portugal. This material resists extreme temperatures between -40°C and 120°C. The brand chose EPM because in Vietnam entire forests are cut down for the production of natural rubber. Deforestation leads to a loss of habitat for plant and animal species. Pierre admits that EPDM is certainly not the best solution and is looking for alternatives. Soon the rubber underlay will consist of a mix of latex and cork. A new step in the right direction!

Recycled shoes are mixed with rubber in the coloured COBRA mat. In addition, the rubber is necessary for the comfort of your knees, but this makes the mat non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. Recycled EVA or ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer is also used in the mat. It provides good flexibility. It is a good anti-shock and anti-slip material. The team is always on the lookout for other suppliers who offer more sustainable and eco-responsible materials.

Animal Welfare

The brand is not vegan because some of the rugs contain merino wool processed in Bulgaria. The supplier indicates that 90% of the wool comes from Bulgaria and the rest from Australia. These Bulgarian farms are small-scale operations and have around 100-500 sheep. Moreover, the shepherds let the sheep graze most of the time and walk freely through the mountains. Shearing of the sheep is done on an annual basis, which is also necessary for the welfare of the sheep.

Circular Economy

Pierre Sports uses recycled materials for these items such as EVA. Some materials like cork can be reused. Pierre Sports is in the process of switching to more circular materials and is experimenting with recycled cork, textiles from recycled plastic and rubber from recycled wetsuits. Pierre hopes to launch a new range of circular products in autumn 2022.

Short Supply Chain

European production is the brand's number 1 priority, which is the most important criterion new suppliers have to meet.

Cork is harvested and processed in Portugal and Belgium. Merino wool is harvested and processed in Bulgaria to limit transport.

Slow Fashion

Pierre Sports manufactures durable products that are resistant to impact and high or low temperatures. Item maintenance is easy, just wipe them down with a damp cloth. Your mat will last at least 5 years or more, even if you practice yoga intensively.


Pierre Sports has a great story and is not afraid to share it. Pieter, the founder of the brand, shared the names of all his suppliers with COSH! and therefore deserves credit for transparency!

The brand is also very transparent when it comes to materials. They are looking for alternatives to sponge rubber and natural rubber and are currently testing recycled rubber and dandelions.

Practice yoga eco-responsibly thanks to the brand Pierre Sports! You will find cork and merino wool yoga mats perfect for all types of yoga.

P.S. Pierre also wants to expand into other sports, a cork and paulownia wood paddle board is already being planned in collaboration with Honuhele SUP Boards.

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