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How sustainable is Picture Organic?

This screening has been done by Fairify on October 26th 2020

Picture Organic is a sustainable French outerwear brand that was founded in 2008. Besides promoting sustainability on its YouTube channel and other communications, it actually walks the talk.

Sustainability in its DNA

The French outerwear brand is a B Corp and a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, and it provides 100% transparency concerning its material use. It uses 92% organic cotton and is certified by GOTS, Organic100 and Organic Blended. In addition, 69% of the polyester used for technical apparel comes from recycled bottles and is certified by BlueSign and the Global Recycled Standard. On top of that, the brand states that 100% of the wool and leather it uses comes from humanely treated animals. It does lack external certifications for these sources though, which is something to improve.

Mapping supply chain but lacking workers’ rights

Picture Organic publishes a full supplier list and shows where and by whom its products are made. Besides that, the brand encourages reuse, repair, better transport and sustainable packaging. In the report of the Fair Wear Foundation, it scores the highest attainable score on transparency, but the report also shows there’s still room for improvement in most areas. So far, 84% of Picture Organic’s production volume has been audited, and it aims for 100% by 2022. It is not clear whether the company upholds payment of a living wage throughout its entire supply chain, which is problematic when considering that it’s active in countries with a high risk of labor abuse.All in all, Picture Organic is a paragon of sustainability. Even though it has a bit of work to do in the department of animal materials and workers’ rights. We are impressed with the brand and definitely recommend it!

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