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Her-screening van Organic Basics komt binnenkort. Aangezien het merk is overgenomen door Delta Galil, kan COSH! niet langer garanderen dat de onderstaande merkscreening nog accuraat is.

Durable briefs

Not everyone likes to wear lingerie and that's why a basic underwear brand that delivers decent quality is a good alternative. Organic Basics is sustainable underwear for women and men that invariably choose quality and durability over glam.

No, we're not talking about Bridget Jones' granny knickers, but about the beautiful, high-quality underwear of Organic Basics. This brand is tired of pollution of the planet and wants people to stop throwing their clothes away. That's why Organic Basics makes underwear, tops, T-shirts and sportswear from the most durable materials. There is only one way for the brand and that is the ecological one!

If you think it's a bit too cold to wear only underwear, it's best to buy a hat, scarf or gloves from Organic Basics. These are made of recycled cashmere and feel wonderfully soft. Perfect to prevent a cold!


The underwear brand only works with materials from the A and B class. This means that the fabrics from which the underwear is made have the lowest impact on the environment than all other types. The most common materials are tencel and organic cotton, for the sportswear the brand uses recycled nylon.

Organic Basics also treats active wear with Polygiene. This is a bluesign certified recycled silver salt. It ensures that your sweat scent does not easily get into your clothes and that your sportswear can breathe well during intensive training. This means that you don't have to wash them so quickly and that there are is less of chance for microplastics to end up in the sea. Polygiene is made in Europe, has little impact on the environment and is an OekoTex-certified product.


Where the materials and underwear are produced, you don't need to ask yourself many questions. Organic Basics takes sustainability and working conditions very seriously and therefore only works with factories that meet the requirements of the brand. You can find out which factories they are on their website. You can read, for example, that Organic Basics spins the yarn in a GOTS-certified factory in Bangladesh. For transparency, they get a 10/10 here.

Feel good about yourself with the underwear and sportswear of Organic Basics. Below you can see in which shops you can shop for this great brand!

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