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Are you looking for a unique pair of earrings, a necklace or a personalised wedding or engagement ring? At Or Service you will find timeless and qualitative jewels that will last a lifetime. All jewellery is handmade in Belgium from high-quality materials.

Founder Lynn Geerinck trained as a goldsmith and made her big dream come true with Or Service. The label of acknowledged craftswoman confirms the authenticity of her work and her know-how as a goldsmith. After her training Lynn specialised in the lost wax technique. This involves first making a model in wax into which the precious metals are poured, creating beautiful, organic shapes.


Or Service consciously chooses qualitative materials silver, gold-plated silver or gold. The permanent collections are entirely made of recycled materials and therefore fit perfectly within the circular economy! For personalised items such as wedding or engagement rings, you can choose recycled or fairmined gold.

For the diamonds, Lynn uses lab grown diamonds. These are just as strong, beautiful and valuable as classic diamonds. The big difference is that a lab diamond is 100% traceable and therefore more ethical than mined diamonds. If you wish, you can also have Or Service create a piece of jewellery with natural diamonds that have the Kimberley Process label. You can also have your own piece of jewellery with diamonds reworked. Do you want to know more about the problems concerning diamond mining? Read more here.

The focus on sustainability at Or Service goes beyond the jewels themselves. The cardboard boxes in which the jewels are packed also have an FSC label. By doing so, Or Service wants to keep the ecological impact of their products as small as possible.


The jewels of Or Service are handmade by founder Lynn herself in her workshop in Eke, near Ghent. For complex processes Lynn cooperates with a partner in Antwerp.

Transparency is central at Or Service. Lynn listens carefully to your wishes, presents all possibilities and is very open in her communication. This way you will end up with a beautiful jewel that fully meets your expectations! At Or Service your satisfaction is worth its weight in gold.

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