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Natural shoes

Finding quality footwear for your kid is not always easy and certainly not if you want to keep it durable. The Italian brand Ocra changes this. These shoes are all handmade from chrome-free leather. A truly traditional, Italian product for the feet of the little ones.

Love for the planet

Since 2010, this brand designs shoes that have little or no impact on the environment and contribute to the growth of the child's feet. It is very important that the child does not experience any pain when walking. This can have serious consequences, such as the growth of the feet. But what are you to do with perfectly shaped feet if the future of our youngest generation is threatened? Ocra takes the environmental problem very seriously and consciously chooses an environmentally friendly production of the shoes. Besides the fact that the brand is chrome-free, the brand also claims to be CO2-free. The energy Ocra uses during production comes from solar panels. Yet this is not enough to call you a CO2-free brand. Where the leather comes from is not mentioned and this kind of information we miss at COSH! anyway.

The shoes are fitted with recycled crepe rubber soles. The soft natural crepe provides a very flexible shoe, which in combination with the cushioned material allows children to grow up with minimal strain on the developing feet. Whether the recycled rubber comes from natural rubber or from car tyres is unclear.

Fair production

Production takes place entirely in Italy in Ocra's own factory. There the shoemakers work in good working conditions and earn a fair wage. Ocra speaks about 'our factory', but it is not 100% clear whether they mean their supplier or actually own the factory.
We praise brands that still take responsibility for their own personnel. This is one of the few brands that still work with their own factory!

Original, durable and comfortable shoes for your child?

The shoe brand Ocra knows how to help you. Look below where you can find this brand.

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Ocra bij Bugs and bees COSH duurzame schoenen
OCRA by Anna Pops
Ocra by anna Pops SS20
Ocra bij Bugs and bees COSH duurzame sandaal voor kinderen SS20 2
Ocra bij Bugs and bees COSH made in italy SS20
Ocra bij Bugs and bees COSH made in italy SS20 2
Ocra by anna Pops SS20
OCRA by Anna Pops
Ocra duurzame sandaal voor kleuters bug and bees COSH ss20
Ocra duurzame sneaker voor kleuters bug and bees COSH ss20