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Did you know that every day in Flanders almost 3 million disposable pads end up in landfills? Hygiene products are indispensable for many women but at the same time, they create a gigantic mountain of waste. Because sanitary pads are usually made from a mix of wood pulp and plastic, they belong in the residual waste and are not recyclable. This creates a high environmental burden! In addition, many sanitary napkins also contain harmful chemicals that can affect your health.

Do you want to make our globe a lot cleaner? Then choose menstrual underwear instead of disposable panty liners or pads. It is super easy! No hassle with plastic packaging and also cheaper in the long run! Put on your absorbent menstrual briefs in the morning and feel comfortable for the rest of the day!

miokoo: ethical period-proof underwear

Do you still have your doubts? Then we would like to introduce you to the brand miokoo. The name comes from the Japanese and means river. Founder Kathleen, therefore, believes in the natural flow and rolled into her entrepreneurial adventure when she tested out menstrual underwear herself out of an interest in sustainability. When she started looking for the origin of the underwear she was buying, she found herself in a fog of information. Lots of great brands but none that guaranteed fair labor. She decided to do it herself!

Thanks to extensive research, she created the most absorbent panties on the market with sustainable materials and without sacrificing beauty and comfort. The miokoo menstrual underwear looks like normal lingerie and feels like satin.

Thanks to the absorbent layer in the briefs, you can wear them for 12 hours with a normal period. In case of heavy blood loss, it is also a good back-up but also for daily use with urine loss Kathleen has lighter versions of the briefs. The moisture-wicking fabrics also ensure a dry feeling and good hygiene throughout the day.

The briefs exist in 3 models: the hip hugger, low-rise, and high-waisted. Each model is available from xs to size 3xl. In this way, miokoo aims to offer a suitable product for women of different sizes and shapes.


All fabrics in the briefs are sourced from Fairtrade suppliers within Europe who have the appropriate certificates. The fabrics are qualitative and durable and therefore last a long time. When washing, the panties will not deform, warp or discolor. A good investment that will last a long time!

The exterior of the panties consists of 100% polyamide. The absorbent part consists of a top layer of 50% cotton and 50% polyamide and a bottom layer of 43% cotton, 48% micro modal, and 9% polyester.

All fabrics are Oektotex class 2 certified. This guarantees that no chemicals are present in the finished briefs and that they have therefore been found safe for direct contact with the skin. In addition, there was a conscious decision to stitch all fabrics and seams and not use glue. In fact, Kathleen's research showed that even suppliers of glue machines for seamless underwear could not guarantee that the glue was chemical or bone meal-free. With the stitched seams, miokoo guarantees a vegan slip that contains no harmful substances

Ethical & short chain

In addition, all fabrics are made in Belgium and stitched in Portugal in a family business under good working conditions. A good example of an ethical, short chain! The Portuguese company has 48 employees and specializes in lingerie.

No planes or boats are needed for transport. So the miokoo products always stay with their feet on the ground and all transport is done by land. This reduces the CO2 emissions of the underwear production.


The miokoo packaging is completely plastic-free. The underwear is packed in a beautiful origami box made of recycled paper that folds easily. The printing is done with bio-based inks. Up to 3 pairs of briefs fit in the box. The box is packed in a paper envelope which makes it easy to put in the mailbox for home delivery.

Have you been using the underwear for 3 years? Then you can bring it back miokoo. Kathleen is currently working on plans to give the underwear a circular destination after use.

Slow fashion

The panties are made-to-order. This means that they are only made when ordered. This avoids overproduction. The small stock results in a slightly longer waiting time but miokoo guarantees delivery of up to one moon cycle. This means you will have your panties before your next period anyway.

Would you like to get rid of the hassle of disposable panty liners and sanitary napkins and at the same time reduce the waste mountain? Then choose miokoo!

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