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Love of design and people

Durable garments designed in Germany by founder Verena. Before Lovjoi she had her own organic supermarket. In 2014 she decided to do the same thing but now for clothing. It didn’t become a shop for sustainable clothing, but a clothing brand for women. Wonderfully romantic, stylish and ecological! With her clothing brand she wants to make the world a better place. She does this by respecting both mankind and nature. Lovjoi is not boring or basic, but minimalistic pieces with nice textile structures, one by one made of mono-material bio-cotton.

Environmentally friendly?

Lovjoi likes nothing better than working with organic cotton and Tencel from Turkey or Portugal. Here and there there is a blend with elastane, Roica or Q-Nova. The latter is pre-consumer recycled nylon that is fully traceable. There is still a small percentage of elastane used for the stretchability and the lace pieces still contain half polyamide. The brand keeps the transport routes as short as possible and when shipping products Lovjoi works with a CO2-neutral courier service.

Lovjoi Jeans

The denim is made in Turkey. There they work with Jeonologia EIM score. Jeanologia is a company that develops machines that process jeans in a more ecological way, for a stonewashed effect with lasers for example. They use natural indigo and no chemicals are needed for the fixations. And all this on 100% organic cotton denim!

Ethically made?

Lovjoi's sewing workshop is located in Swabia, southern Germany. In addition to protecting nature, Lovjoi wanted to do something for mankind.
With the wave of Syrian refugees, which included many high-quality sewers from Aleppo and Damascus, Verena founded her own factory that employs these refugees. In 2020 the workshop already has 15 permanent employees. She guides them in their search for work, correct handling of the European - German paper mill and registrations. Other production takes place in Turkey, Italy and Portugal. With the growth of the company in 2020, she is already looking at new production possibilities. Would you like to know more about your garment? Just read the product description, where you read the name of the designer and where the material comes from. Transparency much!

Keep it casual-romantic with the durable Lovjoi clothing brand.

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Cosh Lovjoi SS20 denim clothing I3 A4971
Cosh Lovjoi SS20 denim clothing I3 A5476
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