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Are you looking for timeless jewellery that is made with respect for people and the environment? Then you've come to the right place at Ghent jewellery designer Line Vanden Bogaerde. Line creates pieces with simple forms and structures, which is visible in her permanent collections of bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces. All designs are fed by the zeitgeist but are always timeless because of their simplicity. Are you looking for a tailor-made ring?

At Line, you can also find custom-made engagement rings and wedding rings.

Ethical materials

Line grew up with a great sense of responsibility for people and the environment. It is therefore obvious that she always chooses Fairmined gold for her jewellery. The Fairmined certificate guarantees ethical working conditions and provides a fair wage for the miners. For the diamonds, Line works with RJC (Responsible jewelry Council) certified natural diamonds.

Did you know that regular gold mining discharges tons of toxic waste into the environment and miners often work in appalling conditions? Read more about the environmental impact of gold mining here

Jewels to cherish for a lifetime

With a piece from Line Vanden Bogaerde, you can be sure that the gold was mined in an honest way. With your purchase, you contribute to a better life for an entire community and your ring becomes even more beautiful and valuable.

Short Chain & Transparency

All jewels are handmade in Line's own workshop in the heart of Ghent. The gold and diamonds obviously travel a longer way. That's why Line consciously opts for certified materials whose origins can be traced.

Are you looking for a special piece of jewellery or a wedding ring that suits your values? Contact Line Vanden Bogaerde and make an appointment in her workshop in Ghent.

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