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La douce France

Le Petit Germain is airy and comfortable children's clothing in beautiful neutral earth tones. Designer Camille Chandèze Longuépée wants to give children the freedom to discover themselves with her creations. For her, clothes must fit well and move with the body. A child who feels good in his/her skin and clothing, that's what Le Petit Germain wants to achieve.

Natural materials
The fabrics that make the comfortable aspect possible are exclusively of natural origin, such as wool, linen and cotton in the knitted and jersey collections. But COSH! Would like to have more transparency about the origin of the materials.

Western European production

Le Petit Germain is also a strong supporter of the short supply chain.
The clothing is therefore made in European countries, such as Portugal, Spain and France. These three countries comply with European labour legislation, which ensures fair working conditions and wages.

The clothing is always made of 100% mono material, with the exception of the sweaters, which are a blend of cotton and wool. The advantage of using natural materials is that it can easily be recycled and that no microplastics get into the water during washing. That's why the brand is assigned the 'no microplastics' icon.

With Le Petit Germain's clothing, your child will feel free and ready to face the world.

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