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Looking for beautiful, sustainable pajamas to cocoon and sleep in? Then we would like to introduce you to Le Nap. This Dutch nightwear brand was founded 2 years ago and produces comfortable pajamas with a playful design made of the sustainable materials Tencel Lyocell and Ecovero.


All Le Nap products are made of 100% Tencel Lyocell from the Austrian manufacturer Lenzing. This natural fiber is made from eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed forests and is fully biodegradable after use. Le Nap also avoids synthetic fabrics for the buttons. These are also made of Tencel Lyocell.

Lyocell has a light color by nature, which means it does not need to be decolorized with chemicals first. Moreover, Lyocell requires little water. All this ensures that Tencel Lyocell is a very environmentally friendly fabric.

For the new collections, Le Nap is switching to 100% Ecovero from Italy starting in 2021.

This fiber is made from wood from sustainably managed forests and has an even better shine. This gives the pajamas even more of a satin look and feel!

Le Nap sells pajama sets, nightgowns and kimonos in a variety of solid colors and also has some fabrics with prints, which are printed in Italy. The fabric is soft and breathable, making it super comfortable.

Ethical and Short Chain

All of Le Nap's products are produced under ethical working conditions in Portugal. Thanks to the European production, the garments do not have to travel a long way, which reduces Le Nap's ecological footprint.

Circular economy

To avoid waste and to promote the circularity of the pajamas after use, Le Nap, since this year, works with remnants of their own fabrics for the piping (white edges) of the new pajamas. This way, everything is even more made of one type of material and a pajama can be more easily reworked into new raw materials after years of use.

Are you looking for quality pajamas or kimonos with a timeless design you can enjoy for years? Check out the points of sale below.

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