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Lapland Textiel is an Antwerp-based brand. Annelies Van Valckenborgh started a collection of bags, toilet bags and cushions with textiles collected from De Kringwinkel.


The founder of Lapland Textiel, Annelies Van Valckenborgh, is responsible for all production. She collects the pieces of fabric from De Kringwinkel and uses them to develop and assemble a unique design. This allows us to assume that the products are made under ethical conditions.


The fabrics are always completely from De Kringwinkel, so they are reused in the new designs by Lapland Textiel. Unfortunately, there is no clarity on the fibres used in the fabric, but of course, they can differ per product.


By reusing post-consumer waste, Lapland Textiel helps to close the loop of the circular economy. The used fabrics get a second life in Lapland's products.

Short chain

Because the products of Lapland Textiel are made by one person, they have a very short chain. Annelies buys the fabrics herself, makes the design and eventually the product. This makes Lapland a 100% Belgian brand.

Animal Welfare

It is not known whether animal materials are used in the Lapland Textile collection, so unfortunately it is not possible to make an animal welfare estimate. However, if there were any animal-derived materials in Lapland Textile's products, they would be second-hand materials that did not require direct animal suffering.


The products are made with care and attention to quality. The fabric determines the design; the quality, texture and colour of the fabric determine the idea. Because of this, the runs of the products are limited, and sometimes they are even unique pieces.

Lapland Textiel makes made-to-measure bags in this way, made to measure for each piece of fabric.

Lapland Textiel also participates in the Cut It Challenge, together with a circular textile collective. This project makes packages and work sheets that you can use to make a new creation out of old clothes. In this way they encourage people to give clothing a second life together.


The operation of Lapland Textiles is fairly transparent, as there is only one person involved. Unfortunately, it is not known which materials are used, as this is often difficult to find out when working with post-consumer waste.

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