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Bring colour into your life with LANIUS

The cheerful and environmentally conscious woman chooses LANIUS. A clothing brand that puts animal, mankind and planet first.


With love for the planet and mankind, Claudia Lanius started her clothing brand in 1999. Since then, the brand has been working daily to improve itself. LANIUS is committed to offering people cruelty free and ecological clothing. It does so twice a year with a collection of sustainable products of high quality.

Organic en Vegan LANIUS

Both natural and animal materials are used for their clothing.
But each with a durable touch. The natural materials are: organic cotton, hemp, linen, modal and tencel. These are all produced in an honest and sustainable way. The clothing brand also contains animal materials, including silk, wool, alpaca and leather. The silk is GOTS-certified, but that doesn't mean it's cruelty free. The wool, on the other hand, does carry the mulesing-free label and the leather goods are tanned with plant-based methods. So we can't recommend Vegans to the brand immediately, although some articles carry the PETA "Approved Vegan" label. This means that both the garment and the factory where it is made are free of animal products. The softener they use for their clothing is also vegan. So pay close attention!

LANIUS takes care of you

Production takes place in Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Peru and Italy. These are all GOTS certified production facilities and small family businesses. LANIUS is also transparent about who makes the clothes. As a customer, you know very well who made your clothes and under what conditions they are produced.


Here at COSH, we always applaud a circular brand, but at Lanius there is no communication about circularity yet. Nevertheless, the spring/summer collection seems to be made completely mono material. This makes the items very easy to recycle and therefore ready for circular economy. We don't know for sure if this was the intention.


Do you need some color in your wardrobe? Then we at COSH! recommend you the sustainable brand LANIUS.

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