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We were honored to interview Philipp Langer himself at the Neonyt Fair Fashion fair in January 2020. Passionately he told us about his textile factory JIECCO in China that he founded in 2009 together with Miranda Chen. With the factory, the duo wants to show that 'Made in China' does not always stand for mass production and poor working conditions. JIECCO produces fairly and with care for nature.

In addition, the brand uses sustainable materials that can withstand icy winds and rain. The jackets and coats are not only functional but also stylish. An ideal jacket to take to work during the week or to go for a walk at the weekend.


LangerChen also uses man-made materials including recycled polyester and recycled nylon. For example, the warm raincoat consists of 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled Nylon.

For the faux fur coat, LangerChen uses 100% organic wool for the outer layer and 100% polyester for the inner layer. The wool in the colorful coats is boiled and therefore naturally has a water repellent function. Which allows them to endure light rain. The wool coats are light and comfortable to wear.

To make the coats and jackets waterproof, the brand uses two innovative techniques in addition to vegetable beeswax: Bionic Finish®-Eco and Zelan™ R3. These techniques are ecological treatments that mimic nature (biomimicry). In this way, the products are made water-repellent without polluting the environment.

Animal Welfare and Vegan

The brand uses organic wool for some coats, so it is not completely vegan. However, animals from organic farming production will generally be maintained in better conditions.

Langerchen does have a vegan rainwear collection, where you can find vegan and weatherproof jackets with the PETA label. The Coat Mira Short was even awarded the PETA Vegan Fashion Award 2020 as the best outdoor clothing piece. In this vegan winter coat, soy wax is used to make the coat water repellent. This is a vegan alternative to beeswax.

Circular economy

For transport in Europe, LangerChen offsets their CO2 emissions. To avoid unnecessary plastic waste, individual packaging of jackets is avoided. Per delivered carton, only 1 outer packaging is used. The brand is thus able to save on 90% of plastic packaging.


Working Conditions

LangerChen deliberately opted for local production in China. Therefore the brand is in close contact with small-scale local cotton farmers and also the spinning mills are located in the Xinjiang province in China.

All their clothing is made in a factory near Shanghai which they manage themselves. This is both GOTS and BSCI certified, ensuring good working conditions and an environmentally friendly approach.

The company employs nearly 90 people on long-term contracts, all of whom are paid a wage well above the legal minimum wage. Working hours are legally fixed at 40 hours per week, from Monday to Friday. Fair remuneration and work-life balance are very important for LangerChen.

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