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DISCLAIMER: The Amsterdam City Pass was created by the municipality of Amsterdam to help people with a lower income and in this case, offer them discounts on clothing repairs. This is NOT a pass anyone can buy or apply for.

You know the feeling, suddenly there is a hole in your nice jeans, your once warm sweater or your new pants need to be shortened. Don't panic! The right tailor can solve it for you. This way you don't have to say goodbye to your favorite garment and you can enjoy it for years to come.

The City of Amsterdam has come up with a solution. Did you know that you can get your clothes repaired with a 40% discount if you have an Amsterdam City Pass? You can do this at about 30 different repair shops, spread across the city. Anyone can have their clothes repaired at these repair shops, but the discount only applies to Stadspas holders, the people who need the discount the most.

What is the City Pass?

The City Pass (or ‘Stadspas’ in Dutch) is a pass that Amsterdammers with a low income or little wealth can apply to for free to receive discounts on sports and cultural activities. There is a distinction between a pass with a green dot (for people with a low income or little wealth) and a blue check (for people with an AOW benefit). The clothing repair action is available to holders of a City Pass with a green dot.

The Campaign and Conditions

The promotion is valid throughout the year. With the City Pass, you receive a 40% discount on repairs at these 30 clothing makers if:

- The repair costs a maximum of €25,- in total

- The clothing is washed and cleaned beforehand

- You are older than 14 years

- The promotion is only valid for clothing, not for repairing shoes or interior items such as curtains

This initiative was created in cooperation with the European Reflow project. This project wants to prevent textile waste and wants to stimulate reuse. We throw away more than 10 kilos of textile per person annually with the residual waste.

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